Cap rising energy costs - Solar Power at no upfront capital cost

Energy prices are rising faster than inflation.

Increasing demand on outdated electricity networks has driven electricity distributors to invest millions in upgrading the state's power networks.  These costs are being passed onto businesses and consumers alike.  With increases of between 10 and 20% per year over the three years since 2008, corporate budgets are being squeezed.  The rising cost of electricity is becoming a critical issue and hitting bottom lines. Businesses are faced with the difficult decision of absorbing these increases and looking for other ways to tighten the belt, or making the unpopular decision of passing them on to their customers by increasing prices.  

Solar plans stumped by high upfront costs?

With electricity costs on the up, many businesses have considered solar power. Whilst an attractive option to minimise the impact of these price increases, and also to green your business' reputation, many have shelved plans for solar power systems due to the large upfront capital cost normally involved.


But now, you can take control of rising energy costs.

A SolarFarmers Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) can help you take control of rising power costs, with solar power systems installed at your high demand locations - all at no upfront capital cost.  A SolarFarmers PPA guarantees your electricity at a fixed price with annual rises linked to inflation – as published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics – effectively capping a portion of your electricity costs, saving council money and allowing you to more accurately budget for the year ahead.  This is a proven model used globally.



Things are looking up for business energy costs.