Solar Power, HVAC, LED lighting, energy monitoring and Total Energy Management (TEM) for businesses and government.


$0 Deposit Finance (up to 10 years) and cash rewards for new clients to assist your cashflow!


With rising energy costs, more and more businesses and government agencies are seeking to reduce overheads, many are installing solar power. Solar Farmers can now offer $0 deposit finance for our entire suite of products and services. We can also provide attractive cash incentive bonuses for new clients to help with business cashflow.

As one of Australia's leaders in commercial solar energy services, systems installed by the Solar Farmers group of companies produce more than 28,000 Gigawatts of clean, green solar energy per year.

With both roof top and ground mount systems, a suite of energy management services, HVAC, LED lighting, innovative corporate HR programs, RECs trading, carbon trading and financing options to fit individual needs, Solar Farmers can assist your business in realising the benefits of solar power.  We can show you how you can install a solar power system that will deliver real financial, environmental and social benefits with an immediate payback that also provides positive cashflow for your business.

With a Solar Farmers program, sustainability becomes both practical and profitable, immediately!

Ask us how we can keep your staff happy with our innovative corporate HR program. A few of the commercial clients of the Solar Farmers group of companies include: