Why Solar Power?



Install a SolarFarmers system, and the benefits start immediately.  With $0 deposit and a loan term up to 10 years (organised by Solar Farmers), your solar power system can be installed easliy with no upfront costs, and with the solar panels warranted to produce for 25 years, you will be rewarded with clean, green solar energy, FREE from the sun for an additional 20 years and beyond.

Save money on your power bills

Protect your business from the rising cost of power by generating your own - FREE from the sun, one of our greatest natural resources.  By replacing even a portion of your traditional power with solar power generated by a SolarFarmers system, you will make significant savings.

Contribute to cutting greenhouse emissions 

While improving your business energy costs is great motivation to switch to solar, you can also make a positive impact on the planet. At present, around 90% of Australia’s power is generated through the burning of fossil fuels which contribute to greenhouse gasses.  Solar energy is the largest zero-emission energy resource available to us.  Consider that one hour’s worth of energy from the sun exceeds what all 6.9 billion of us consume in a year.



Increasingly, customers are looking at the sustainability plans of the companies they choose as suppliers. Make sure your company is ahead of the game - be a leader in your field and you will benefit.