Total Energy Management (TEM)

TEM identifies where your energy cost are, then provides the solutions, saving you $$$ every day

                                   Energy Monitoring (EMS) & Energy Audits – The starting point...

·        TEM will empower your business with a smart Energy Management System (EMS) to enable you to identify core energy consumption areas within your business.

·        Electricity

·        Gas

·        Water

The TEM monitoring system is installed at your premises permanently tracking your energy consumption 24/7.

·        As a process TEM can provide you with a detailed energy review and audit report based on costing/savings/payback time, to help priorities solutions for your businesses future.

·        Our experienced staff of consultants, engineers, master electricians and plumbers will design and install the solutions.

·        HVAC and Refrigeration

·        Energy Efficient Lighting

·        Commercial Hot Water

·        PV Solar

·        Solar Thermal

·        Energy Storage Systems including Lithium Ion batteries for Council Parking Meters 

·        Voltage Optimisation


Just pick up the phone and call us!

Within just a few minutes we can tell you if we think we can help you, before you spend any money.


Energy Audits

An energy audit of your worksite identifies all the possible opportunities to:

  • improve energy efficiency;
  • reduce energy waste;
  • provide education on energy-wise solutions and energy conservation;
  • generate positive outcomes for the environment matching sustainability policies;

By proceeding with the implementations recommended by Solar Farmers, the client can achieve the following benefits:

  • Improved bottom line through the reduction of energy costs with no performance reduction;
  • Reduced carbon footprint;
  • Improve the sustainability.

For industrial and commercial sites, energy audits are conducted for the full site, buildings and single specific processes. All the audits are undertaken to be fully compliant with the relevant standard AS/NZS 3598:2000. As set by the standard, the energy audits are offered on the following three levels:

Level 1 Audit

This audit is conducted with a general inspection of the site, comparing the site consumption with effective energy usage and assessing excessive consumption. The ‘overview’ approach of this audit brings to figures estimations accuracy within +-40%.

Level 2 Audit

Level 2 audits are conducted with a more detailed site inspection and identify the energy sources and the amount of energy supplied. The audits also research for areas where savings may be made, providing the measures to be taken to limit the energy usage and supplying an estimation of costs and potential savings. Figures in this case are accurate within +-20%.

Level 3 Audit

This is the most detailed level an energy audit can achieve. The site investigation is very accurate and thorough with the employment of sub-metering and logging devices and sometimes specialists for particular parts. The report provided give details about capital investment and accurate economic analysis. A Level 3 Energy Audit is expected to provide a firm estimate of savings and cost. Accuracy of figures would be within +10% for costs and -10% for benefits.


The Solar Farmers advantage

Energy audits carried out by Solar Farmers involve highly qualified personnel including senior electrical engineers, senior project managers, and licenced and Clean Energy Council accredited electricians.

Solar Farmers uses only in-house qualified personnel whose expertise can provide effective recommendations and solutions to be implemented.

The Solar Farmers Pty Ltd has the following accreditation:

•             Australia’s Clean Energy Council (CEC) Accreditation: A5940143

•             Electrical Contractors Licence: 72541

•             Quality Management System: ISO9001:2008

•             Environmental Management System: ISO14001:2004

•             Occupational Health & Safety: AS/NZS4801:2001


These services are esssential for managing the electricity expenses of medium to large businesses.

They are also highly recommended for small businesses looking for a competitive edge.


From these audits we can design a total solution for your business that reduces the energy demand side of your business.

This saves you money each and every month.


Carbon Audits are also available.