Solar Power

$0 Deposit and positive cashflow, from day one!

SolarFarmers Power Systems fall into 3 categories. 

Each system is designed to reduce power bills and create positive cashflow.

1. Small Commercial and Industrial Systems (5KW to 15KW - Roofspace up to 10m x 12m)

2. Medium Commercial and Industrial Systems (20KW to 100KW - Roofspace up to 10m x 80m)

3. Large Scale Systems (Over 100KW and requiring NEM approval and LREC certification - Expansive Roof and Ground Mount Systems))

In Australia the vast majority of commercial installations fall into the first 2 categories.


Payback period for the first 2 categories is typically 3 years.

Payback period for the Large Scale Systems is typically 7 years.

There is a range of Financing Options available including operating lease, finance lease or a straight business loan to approved clients. Ongoing payment structure is designed to be lower than existing power bills. Creating positive cashflow for the business from day one.

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