Large-scale commercial solar power systems



SolarFarmers can install a large-scale commercial solar power system from hundreds of kilowatts to megawatts for under 10c/kWh installed, either roof-mounted or ground-mounted for your organisation anywhere in Australia and internationally.  We have a range of payment options to help you go solar, sooner.  Whether you pay for your system upfront, lease it, or install your system with no upfront capital cost under a Power Purchase Agreement, the time has never been better to go solar.


Why go solar?


While Australia has the greatest potential for solar power than any other continent in the world, it is also among the highest carbon polluters in the world per capita. Solar power is a proven technology that is both beneficial to the environment and can help organisations  hedge against rapidly rising electricity prices. There are many reasons to go solar -  economic, social and environmental.



  • While the price of solar power has dropped dramatically over the last 36 months thanks to a strong Australian dollar and an increase in global manufacturing capacity, electricity prices have skyrocketed (between 10-20% per year for the last three years) - and with the introduction of the Carbon Tax, the price increases will continue into the predictable future.

  • Generate electricity at a lower cost than purchasing from your electricity retailer

  • For property owners, you could Increase your rental income or generate more income by selling power to your tenants

  • Increase the value of your warehouse by improving your buildings energy efficiency.


Social and Community Relations

  • Enhance your brand's credibility.  Customers and business partners are increasingly looking for the companies they choose to deal with to be environmentally forward thinking.

  • Cloud based data monitoring will allow you to report on how much solar energy you are producing, and how much your company is contributing toward a clean, green energy future. This information can be made accessible to you and your clients



  • Generate clean, green energy for decades to come.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint by minimising consumption of fossil fuel based electricity.