How solar power works


Solar Panels

The mono-chrystalline solar panels which make up your solar farm convert sunlight into DC power.


The power from the solar panels is sent to a device called an inverter.  These inverters convert the DC power to AC power which is what the standard appliances in your home operate on.


The power then travels from the inverter to your electrical switchboard. The power from your switchboard will be distributed to your business through your existing electrical wiring to all the electrical outlets.

Electricity Meter

Your electricity distributor (Energex or Ergon) may need to install a new meter which can both import power from the grid and sell your surplus solar power back to the grid.

Electricity Grid

The Electricity Grid refers to the electricity network that provides electricity from the electricity distributor in your area. Any power that your solar power installation generates, but is not used is sent back to the power grid.  You also draw power from the grid as required when you solar power installation is not producing.