Leading a solar energy future

Our Mission

Driving down our client's energy costs through innovative technologies and services


Our Vision

By 2022, the Solar Farmers Group of Companies is number one in the Indo-Pacific market.
The “soul” of our business is our deep desire to be a catalyst for change by creating economic value to drive prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region. We do this by providing cost effective, clean energy solutions to deliver renewable electricity to support progress, address inequality and alleviate poverty.
By implementing solar energy initiatives and managing energy consumption, we deliver immediate increases in financial returns for our clients and communities. Our efforts bring multiple benefits to Australia and our surrounding Indo-Pacific neighbours such as job creation, skills development, community empowerment and increased energy security.
Efficient energy use and solar power are powerful drivers of economic growth, security and prosperity in the region. 
Mr Craig Balmanno, Chairman, Solar Farmers Group. 
Some of our Corporate Clients include:

•An Australian based business started in 2008 by Craig Balmanno

•Specialist in providing energy effeciency related services, in particular energy audits and solar energy solutions for commercial clients

•The only solar company in Australia that is approved to create and trade Carbon certificates

•Started from a small humble beginning now a thriving medium size enterprise employing up to 100 permanent full-time staff

•The first to create a new business model for the Australian renewable energy industry that dramatically improved the affordability of solar

•Pioneered new racking systems, installation processes and solar financing, reducing the costs of solar dramatically

•Annual turnover aims to grow to $200 million turnover by 2022

•No debt and has funded 100% of its growth organically

•Composed of multiple companies, designed to separate markets and mitigate risk


Solar Farmers Group of Companies

 •Solar Farmers Pty Ltd - commercial energy audits, energy effeciency, RECs trading, carbon audits, rooftop solar and groundmount solar farms

 •Free Solar Pty Ltd - residential solar and RECs trading

 •Solar Support Pty Ltd - research and development in scalable energy storage including utility peak offset, solar hot water and smart Lithium Ion technologies

 •Balmanno Infrastructure Pty Ltd - infrastructure assets, plant, equipment and solar farms

 •Grailtech Pty Ltd - commercialisation of R&D

 •Balmanno Holdings Pty Ltd - passive asset investments – shares

 •Solar Farmers Corporation - Philippine energy business (established 2012)

 •Solar Farmers Indian Joint Venure - Indian energy business (early stages 2013)

 •Solar Farmers Indonesian Joint Venture - Indonesian energy business (planned 2013)  client’s energy costs through clean innovative technologies